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My heart ached seriously. I was devastated, I was
broken, I thought I had found my soulmate. Only if I knew

he was my sister’s boyfriend.

I pushed the steering harder and drove really fast not

worrying about the consequences.

“Folasade you are a fool” I shouted at top of my voice.

I’ve never been this sad in my entire life.

Seun’s pov

“Jay make it snappy” I said impatiently.

I can’t believe he proposed. I’m extremely excited. I can’t

wait to tell Sade so we can scream together.

“I’m done, you can stop dragging me now babe” Jay said


“I love you, I love you, I love love love you, I could say I

love you all day long” I said kissing him.

“Trust me, I love you more” Jay said looking into my eyes.

Thank God the party is over.

“Can I steal her for a moment” my best friend Vanessa

said pouting.

“Yes but only for a minute” Jay said frowning.

“Thanks” Vanessa said as she pulled me away.

“Okay Nessa you can stop pulling me now” I said


“You didn’t tell me Sa….” Vanessa was about to say

something but she was interrupted by my mum

“Seun we need to go home now” my mum said and pulled

me away. I quickly said bye to Vanessa and told her we’ll

talk later.

“Jay can you come to my house tomorrow, I need to

introduce you to my sister” I said holding him.

“No problem, I’ll be there” he said as he kissed me for the

last time.

“Can you guys stop being mushy and Seun we need to go”

my mum shouted.

“Alright MA! bye Jay.


“Folasade! Sadee come and open this door na” my mum

shouted as we kept on knocking.

“Maybe she’s sleeping sef and my body is badly aching

me” I moaned.

“Ki lo sè ómò yi gann ( what’s doing this girl sef)” Mum


After fifteen minutes of knocking the door like mad dogs.

Sade finally opened.

“What’s your problem? Didn’t you hear us knocking the

door” Mum hissed and left.

“What happened to you? You look terrible” I asked


“Nothing!” Sade rudely said and went upstairs.

I’m very positive it’s because of that guy she behaved like


“Sade, can I come in?

“Yessssss” she shouted.

“How was the party you planned today?

“I don’t want to talk about it” Sade said and kept her

headphones on.

I stared at her not knowing what to say.

“Uhmm I got engaged today” I said smiling.


I removed her headphones and shouted


“Congrats” She said and kept her headphones back on.

Congrats, really Sade really. Maybe I should leave her for

now, I guess she had a bad day.

“Uhmm I asked him to come tomorrow, so you can see


“Okay! You can get out now” Sade said pointing towards

the door.

I honestly was about to cry, but I just couldn’t at least not

in front of her.

“If you need me, I’ll be in my room. I love you” I said

before leaving.

Why was she so mean.

The next day…..

Sade’s pov

“Mum, he’ll be here in 5mins” Seun said giggling.

What am I going to do, Seun can find out I was the event


“I can’t wait for you to see him” Seun said holding and

squeezing my hands.

“I’m so excited” I said with little sarcasm.

Seun looked sad but brushed it off and smiled like the

perfect creature she was. Only if she knew I’ve always

wanted to be like her. I felt bad because I’ve been treating

her badly, but I can’t get myself to be nice to her and it


5mins later…

“Mum he’s here” Seun said as she ran to open the door.

What am I going to do.

“Hey babe” Jay said as he gave Seun a kiss, which made

me cringe.

“Good afternoon ma” Jay said.

“Anò mi ( my in law)how are you?” Mum asked.

“I’m fine ma” Jay said.

He’s so handsome. I want him badly.

“Jay this is my sister Sade” Seun said pointing towards



YOUR SISTER?” Jay said.

GBAM!…I’m dead.
Story by Oy



   You bumped into him by mistake, you looked at him, his eyes connecting with yours, it was like that scene in the movie you watched. His voice? The perfect ringtone you thought. He was super good looking. He offered you a lift in his expensive car, gave you his card and even dropped you at home.

   You refused to go to sleep because you were constantly looking at his card and remembering his face. ” well why don’t I just call him?” You thought. You decided to wait till it was late, to be sure he was home. It was finally 23:00pm, you called and called, but there was no answer. You fell asleep.

   The next day, you went to take a bath when suddenly you heard your phone ring. You rushed out of the bathroom with lather still on your body (how anxious you were to know who it was) You heard a deep and firm voice, an accent like no other, (it was him) “is this……” You said yes even before he could finish what he wanted to say, “can we meet?”, like a fool, desperate and childish, you jumped at the offer without even thinking for a second. (it was like a time attack Q&A).

   You tried out things you ordinarily won’t think of, like a braless top, skimpy skirt and some dark makeup. You met him at the proposed place (it was like a date) You started talking erotically and you thought he was actually liking it! At the end of the conversation, he started preaching to you, (you appeard as an unbeliever in his sight) He told you how disgusted he was by your behaviour and the words you spoke. “Girls like you are blood suckers” he said and didn’t give you a chance to speak (what would you have said)

   What happened to that church girl? The girl that would spend hours praising God! She was gone! Just to impress an outsider, who had no interest in the girl you had become. He was looking for a church girl,that church girl who used to be you.

   True beauty starts the moment you start being you! Like the word says (Be You)ty, the act of being you. The first  step to being you is not caring about what people have to say about you. Trust me, if you think of what people say all the time, you are liable to die young! And then they would say they have succeeded in bringing you down (because obviously you’re above them). Take the first step and Be You!