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Hello friends, there’s this seriously bugging issue in the society today that we should all take notice of………….ARE WE LOSING OUR CHILDHOOD??
My friends and I were discussing about our childhood memories and the silly things we did, worst food combinations we ever tried,our view about life back then, exploring the great outdoors.
The games of “catcher”, “suwe”, “African bend down”, “pretending to be music stars or beauty queens and kings”, “mummy and daddy plays” and “cooking with left over food items in the house”…… oooooh those times the worst thing was when our parents would lock us in and for us not to play 😭😭😭😭😭😭, we lived, loved, were very social, and we had friends REAL FRIENDS.

Unlike now,We thank God for technology and its wonder to this earth, you wouldn’t even be reading this post if not for technology, it has even sharpened the minds of little children…

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Hiiii! its been a while since I wrote. Decided to write about this topic.

I know you may have an idea of what I’m about to talk about, but I’ll like to talk about it from my point of view.

We all have/had crushes in secondary school right? I have also had one, yes, its in our biology, its natural, in fact if you’ve not had the tiniest little crush on someone then… I reserve my comments LOL. So, its normal to crush on someone. But then to date that person is another thing. When most teenagers say date, they don’t necessarily mean going out with the person. It’s legit more of just a tittle LMAO because it doesn’t really change anything in my opinion, I mean, what do they even talk about?? I’m not trying to be a judge here tho’, but, I mean, there are better ways to enjoy secondary school than dating! There are garri parties you can host in class trust me it’s legit lit, bread and akara parties, pizza parties and other food parties you can come up with. You can even join school clubs that can keep you occupied and benefit you academically! Than having your heart broken by one boy or girl who’ll later tell you superglue is N50.

I know this is a free world, but come on! we are also accountable for the decisions we make and the actions we take. To me, secondary school dating is a way of seizing the freedom you don’t even have and that’s when some girls would graduate from white powder to brown powder on a lowkey LOL! and then they’ll be sober when their so called spouse has finished soaking garri with their head LMAO!. The general truth is, most, if not all the boys and girls in secondary school won’t find their marriage partners there. I hope you get my point, this is my view, comment if you’d like to share your views as well.

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My heart ached seriously. I was devastated, I was
broken, I thought I had found my soulmate. Only if I knew

he was my sister’s boyfriend.

I pushed the steering harder and drove really fast not

worrying about the consequences.

“Folasade you are a fool” I shouted at top of my voice.

I’ve never been this sad in my entire life.

Seun’s pov

“Jay make it snappy” I said impatiently.

I can’t believe he proposed. I’m extremely excited. I can’t

wait to tell Sade so we can scream together.

“I’m done, you can stop dragging me now babe” Jay said


“I love you, I love you, I love love love you, I could say I

love you all day long” I said kissing him.

“Trust me, I love you more” Jay said looking into my eyes.

Thank God the party is over.

“Can I steal her for a moment” my best friend Vanessa

said pouting.

“Yes but only for a minute” Jay said frowning.

“Thanks” Vanessa said as she pulled me away.

“Okay Nessa you can stop pulling me now” I said


“You didn’t tell me Sa….” Vanessa was about to say

something but she was interrupted by my mum

“Seun we need to go home now” my mum said and pulled

me away. I quickly said bye to Vanessa and told her we’ll

talk later.

“Jay can you come to my house tomorrow, I need to

introduce you to my sister” I said holding him.

“No problem, I’ll be there” he said as he kissed me for the

last time.

“Can you guys stop being mushy and Seun we need to go”

my mum shouted.

“Alright MA! bye Jay.


“Folasade! Sadee come and open this door na” my mum

shouted as we kept on knocking.

“Maybe she’s sleeping sef and my body is badly aching

me” I moaned.

“Ki lo sè ómò yi gann ( what’s doing this girl sef)” Mum


After fifteen minutes of knocking the door like mad dogs.

Sade finally opened.

“What’s your problem? Didn’t you hear us knocking the

door” Mum hissed and left.

“What happened to you? You look terrible” I asked


“Nothing!” Sade rudely said and went upstairs.

I’m very positive it’s because of that guy she behaved like


“Sade, can I come in?

“Yessssss” she shouted.

“How was the party you planned today?

“I don’t want to talk about it” Sade said and kept her

headphones on.

I stared at her not knowing what to say.

“Uhmm I got engaged today” I said smiling.


I removed her headphones and shouted


“Congrats” She said and kept her headphones back on.

Congrats, really Sade really. Maybe I should leave her for

now, I guess she had a bad day.

“Uhmm I asked him to come tomorrow, so you can see


“Okay! You can get out now” Sade said pointing towards

the door.

I honestly was about to cry, but I just couldn’t at least not

in front of her.

“If you need me, I’ll be in my room. I love you” I said

before leaving.

Why was she so mean.

The next day…..

Sade’s pov

“Mum, he’ll be here in 5mins” Seun said giggling.

What am I going to do, Seun can find out I was the event


“I can’t wait for you to see him” Seun said holding and

squeezing my hands.

“I’m so excited” I said with little sarcasm.

Seun looked sad but brushed it off and smiled like the

perfect creature she was. Only if she knew I’ve always

wanted to be like her. I felt bad because I’ve been treating

her badly, but I can’t get myself to be nice to her and it


5mins later…

“Mum he’s here” Seun said as she ran to open the door.

What am I going to do.

“Hey babe” Jay said as he gave Seun a kiss, which made

me cringe.

“Good afternoon ma” Jay said.

“Anò mi ( my in law)how are you?” Mum asked.

“I’m fine ma” Jay said.

He’s so handsome. I want him badly.

“Jay this is my sister Sade” Seun said pointing towards



YOUR SISTER?” Jay said.

GBAM!…I’m dead.
Story by Oy